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Horse Betting 101

May 05, 2018 EST

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Win, Place and Show Bets

Win– The horse you choose must finish in first place.

Place– The horse you choose must finish in first or second place.

Show – The horse you choose must finish in first, second or third place. If you bet on a horse to win, place and show, it’s often called an “Across the Board” wager. If the horse finishes first, then you will be paid on the win, place and show wager. If the horse finishes in second, you will be paid on only the place and show wager. And if the horse comes in third, then a show wager is paid out. If the horse does not come in the top-three, then none of the bets will be paid.

Horse Racing Win Odds How to read the odds. Ex. Bet $2.00 on a horse at 1/10 to win $2.20 Ex. Bet $2.00 on a horse at 8/5 to win $5.20 Ex. Bet $2.00 on a horse at 20/1 to win $42.00

Odds Chart Odds (Payoff)
1-10 ($2.20) 1-5 ($2.40)
2-5 ($2.80)
1-2 ($3.00)
3-5 ($3.20)
4-5 ($3.60)
1-1 ($4.00)
6-5 ($4.40)
7-5 ($4.80)
3-2 ($5.00)
8-5 ($5.20)
9-5 ($5.60)
2-1 ($6.00)
5-2 ($7.00)
3-1 ($8.00)
7-2 ($9.00)
4-1 ($10.00)
9-2 ($11.00)
5-1 ($12.00)
6-1 ($14.00)
7-1 ($16.00)
8-1 ($18.00)
9-1 ($20.00)
10-1 ($22.00)
12-1 ($26.00)
15-1 ($32.00)
20-1 ($42.00)
50-1 ($102.00)
60-1 ($122.00)
99-1 ($200.00)

How to read a Track Surface Dirt Tracks
SLOW: Footing that is between sloppy and heavy.
SLOPPY: Wet on surface with firm bottom.
GOOD: Footing that is between fast and muddy.
FAST: Footing that is between fast and even.
HEAVY: Slower than, muddy.
MUDDY: Soaked with water.
WET-FAST: Sloppy on top but firm underneath.
Turf Tracks FIRM: Dry turf.
GOOD: Firm turf with some moisture.
YIELDING: Very wet that is deep.
SOFT: Plenty of moisture and substantial give.
HEAVY: Deep and often waterlogged.

Synthetic Tracks A synthetic surface is mostly considered fast regardless of weather condition.

Types of Race Horse racing defines races into certain categories. The more quality of horses running in a specific race will determine the status of the race. Here are the basic races for horse racing.

Maiden: This is a race that is exclusive for horses that have never won a race. A term often used “broken its maiden” is given to a horse when they win.

Claiming: This is a race that is often broken into levels by price. Owners who enter horses in these races understand that their horse can be claimed by another stable.

Allowance: This is a race that is very similar to claiming races except the horses cannot be claimed or sold to another stable. These races normally have set criteria for each horse involved.

Handicap: This is a race that is designed to put equal horses against one another based on their records, weights, etc.

Stakes: This is a race that puts the highest class of horses against one another. Handicap and stakes races offer the largest purses of all the various types of races.

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