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The Nation’s #1 Documented Sports Investment Firm Since 1992!

Company Profile

OTL Sports, Inc. is a privately held sports investment firm offering reliable investment advice to beat the point-spreads in all major sports including College & Pro Football, College & NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey and Major League Baseball. We also have a vast network of insiders’ that cover Horse Racing.  All of our winning packages can be purchased daily, weekly and seasonal.  On Top of the Line Sports was the first sports information service in the industry to offer sports investment information via the internet in 1992.  On Top of the Line Sports also publishes one of the best weekly handicapping newsletters on the market today, the OTL Weekly Report.

In the early 1990’s, the founders of OTL devoted themselves to the development of a sports investment system that would use the most sophisticated tools and information available to transform sports gambling into sports investing. The team consisted of two financial analysts, 3 computer programmers, several statisticians wizards, a former linesmaker, and key media personnel from college and pro teams. Together, these professionals thoroughly analyzed thousands of games, prior to and subsequent to their being played. Over the course of four years, certain patterns emerged, certain realities became clear. For example, there are errors made by Vegas oddsmakers, and quickly identifying them can provide a large advantage. Certain teams play other teams a particular way. A strength analysis of one team may rate it better than another, yet, circumstances and hidden information often finds the underdog to be the only choice.
By approaching sports gaming from an investment standpoint only, and strictly adhering to well established money management protocols, and valuable on-site information, a system of sports investment was born; a system that has consistently and will continue to produce an annual profit greater than the money markets, the DOW Jones, or even real estate.

On Top of the Line Sports is now in it’s 26th year, and we have put ourselves on the map as the #1 provider of sports gaming information.  OTL’s strongest information can be obtained via the 800 late telephone service or via text message – where the latest and most up to date information is received. Clients receive a toll-free 800 number to call for selections along with a pin number to easily access their plays.  An exclusive money management program is used for every client assuring them the highest profit margin.  Along with the award-winning late telephone service, On Top of the Line Sports offers selections via the OTLSPORTS.COM website.

The success of On Top of the Line Sports stems from having a vast amount of information that the general public and sportsbooks do not have access to.  On Top of the Line Sports has built and continues to build the largest network of sports gaming professionals in the entire business to ultimately do one thing, and that is to obtain information that will beat the odds. These professionals provide OTL with definitive information that directly affects the outcome of sporting events. However, the information received by OTL’s contacts and sources are only one part of OTL’s success.  On Top of the Line Sports has a highly recognized team of financial advisors that work hundreds of combined hours a week analyzing the data to secure profitable results.  These financial advisors have over a hundred years of experience in the field of profit making. Knowing when to invest big at the right time is one of our biggest assets. OTL’s exclusive money manage- ment program which rates each game according to strength has been perfected to give OTL clients the highest probability of winning.

The main reason you need On Top of the Line is because bookmakers, linesmakers, and offshore sportsbooks are beating you.  Of course you may win big some weekends.  You may even win 3 weeks in a row, but in the long run you will probably end up on the wrong side of the ledger; 90% of the betting public does, and that’s a fact.

With On Top of the Line Sports, you have a substantial chance of winning. Not only for a weekend, 2 weeks, or a month, but all season long.  Our information is stronger than the information that is factored in the posted pointspread by linesmakers.  It’s a considerable edge we have on a weekly basis, and for you to win a substantial amount on any given day or weekend you need access to all the necessary information available.

We have successfully made our clients money for over 2 decades.  It’s not a matter of getting lucky every other week, or having a good weekend once in a while.  The fact is, WE WIN CONSISTENTLY.  Unlike most bettors (90% of the betting public), who struggle to break even each week, On Top of the Line sports gives you an edge each and every time you go make a wager.  Each selection released has a reason, a basis, and definitive information to back it up.  While half the general public is reading books on stats and trends, watching major news networks for information, OTL is sifting through much more pertinent information that will directly affect the outcome of a pointspread.  For questions or to enroll in any of our winning packages, feel free to call us toll-free at 1-800-618-5463 today.