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Horse Racing vs Stock Market

Nov 10, 2020 EST

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How to Make Money from Horse Racing

Horse Racing vs. Stock Market  

There are a lot of similarities between horse racing and the stock market. However, as professional horseplayers, we believe that there are more opportunities for success in betting on the longshot in horse racing, than investing in stock market.

Our goal of ROI (Return On Investment) rate 200% annually. It’s almost impossible to make 100% of net profit on every single racing day. But it’s good enough to reach double ROI in long term by hitting the big ones frequently.

Have you ever collected thousands of dollars with your 10 cent Superfecta tickets and that often?
If not you, then who and how?

On Top of the Line Sports Horse Racing Betting Syndicate. A vast group of the most intelligent and most connected sources in horse racing!

In order to beat the horse races, a horseplayer must have the hitting average of over .333 in horse racing. And, the average payout must be over three times of the average betting amount.

For example, if you bet $100 on each race, you must win at least once in three races and the total payout must be over $300. Then, you will win at the horse races eventually.

Even if you make a Win bet on the betting favorite horse every time, it is very hard to reach the hitting rate of .333 according to the statistical data, as well as the payouts are usually less than the total betting amounts.

Some bettors raise their next betting amount after they lose but that’s very dangerous. That is the typical gambler’s style.

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How to Make Hitting Average of Over .333 in Horse Racing

OTL says, “It’s much easier to get the hitting average of .333 in horse racing than in the Major League Baseball games, because we can select our favorite racetracks and the races to play.

However, the players in MLB can’t avoid the top-notch opponent team with their Cy Young Award-winning pitcher. Even though a baseball player can’t make a hit well from left-handed pitchers, he cannot skip his batting order.

However, a horseplayer can pass the races any number of times, which he or she doesn’t want to play. If you hit more often at the long distant dirt races, you can choose from those kinds of races, and then you can increase your winning rate. What a big advantage it is!

The choice of the races to play is a huge advantage for the horseplayers and it is the main key to beating the horse races.”

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How to Make a Double Profit Every Three Races

That’s why we mainly focus on HOT – Under the Radar Horses or Trifecta’s and Superfecta’s involving longshots in horse racing. And, we also play Win/Show wagers on the longshot that the Show payout should be expected over $6.00.

We must not bet on the favorite. We should play with longshot in horse racing, in order to make a profit in the long-term.


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