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Baseball Investment Package & Lock Club!

Apr 02, 2024 EST

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The information we gather for baseball has nothing to do with handicapping whatsoever. It’s all done by computers. The OTL WINTRAC Computer Simulation program is one of the most well-known betting software tools in the sports wagering business.

It more than accurately predicts the outcomes of baseball games. In fact, many Sportsbooks today use similar software systems to analyze games, so they can set proper odds and lines. But our Win Trac Program is the Most Powerful software in the Business!

– $100-200 Bettors Earned close to $21,300 Last Season!

The Average pick price in the Baseball Investment Package last season was -$1.19. No Human, no handicapper nor sports service can match those results.  In Fact,  the Winning Results were without Releasing Any betting favorites ALL Season above -150. The software program is able to find much better value which includes Totals, Underdogs and small favorites.

There are Hundreds of Variables the Program recognizes in order to come up with the Strongest Selections each Day!

– How Teams lineups fair vs a certain Pitcher!
– How a pitcher produces in certain innings!
– How certain lineups hit vs lefties or righties!
– How a lineup/team does on losing or Winning Streaks!
– What relief pitchers are relevant during a certain series.
– How teams perform in the Day Time vs Night Time.
– Who is behind home plate calling Balls and Strikes!
– Which Teams go to the Bullpen more often – and how those relievers fair vs a certain lineup – if they come in during a specific Inning!

We could go on and on about How many Variables and Info go into this! It’s truly overwhelming! No human being could possibly calculate nor come close to successfully predicting the outcome of MLB Games.

AND NOTE: Don’t let others fool you into thinking they have a computer program or Software that works. We developed this program back in the early 90’s along with a group you may have heard of called the COMPUTER GROUP!

Why is our Baseball so profitable Long Term!

First of all: The Amount of games played. Baseball is close to 7 Months of action with more games played over time than any other sport.

Secondly, this powerful software is able to identify the Strongest Wagers each day without having to put a lot of money at risk!  Baseball gives you the opportunity to win more Money back then you risk, unlike football where it’s -110. And Parlays PAYOFF HUGE ODDS in Baseball when combining underdogs.

No Human could possibly be able to identify as many Valuable Winners (Especially Underdogs) like this WinTrac computer software can.

So, if you are ready to play the Best of the Best! Winning Information that has collectively made OTL PLAYERS Millions over the Years in MLB BASEBALL!

We’ve got a Super Strong PLAN for you!

The Opportunity to make Thousands upon Thousands of Dollars…

The time for action is now.

Whether you grab our daily internet specials or play the best picks from our Baseball Investment Package for a week or Month – the only way you will make the profits is by making a move.

Stop watching our Winning SUCCESS & be a Part of it!

Our exclusive WinTrac computer software program is how we are able to successfully beat the Sportsbooks. WinTrac simulates each game 10,000 times & more than accurately predicts the outcomes of Baseball games.

Throughout the season we will release About 65% favorites from -110 to -150, with the remaining 35% will be totals & underdogs. The Baseball Investment Package Best Bets releases selections unit-rated from 100-500 Units daily, with a Special 500-unit selections being our Top Bet of the Week!


The Baseball Investment Package will usually include the Top 2-4 Selections Daily. Whether it’s a Total, small Favorite or Underdog!  We do not release any plays in Baseball above -150!

7 Day Investment Package – Buy Now $99

30 Day Investment Package – Buy Now $299

Season Investment Package – Buy Now $599

For More Information feel free to text us 702-499-4859.

To make even MORE PROFIT be sure to join our Exclusive LOCK CLUB which includes more up to date Information including Late Breaking Selections all the way up to the West Coast Games.

7 Day Baseball LOCK CLUB – Buy Now $399

14 Day Baseball LOCK CLUB – Buy Now$695

30 Day Baseball LOCK CLUB – Buy Now $1295

2023 Winning Highlights:

– 36-13 to OPEN the SEASON!
– 295-167-4 Winning MLB Overall in 2023!
– $100-200 Bettors Earned close to $21,300!
– Avg. Pick Price MLB Was $-1.19
– Won 6 out of the first 7 Weeks Overall!
– Winning Runs of 36-13, 21-7 and 11-1!

2022 Winning Highlights:

– 81-33-2 Overall to Open the first 6 Weeks!
– 216-117-10 Winning MLB Overall in 2022!
– Won +34,230 Net Units Overall!
– Avg. Pick Price MLB Was $+1.18
– $1/unit bettors +$34,200 overall!
– Had Winning Runs of 21-3, 10-2 and 21-5!

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