What an incredible season it was for OTL SPORTS!

  • Clients WON 14 out of 17 Weeks Overall!
  • $100/unit bettors cashed for nearly $48,400 in that span including the Bowls & Playoffs!
  • No one can come close to our winning results week after week because we get the best information in the world.
  • It’s really that simple. No matter what size bettor you are (big or small), the sky is the limit on how much money you can really make with Lock Club.  If your current service isn’t getting the job done for you it’s never too late to switch to a winning source like OTL.

You need to have the Information that the Sportsbook’s Don’t Have!

  • You need to have the Insight to which teams are Overvalued!
  • We made a Fortune Betting Against Boise St Last Season!
  • We made A fortune on Colorado (10-1 ATS first 11 games) until linesmakers eventually caught up to adjusting their lines.
  • Earned a Fortune in NFL betting Against the Overrated Bengals! 5-0 Overall betting against them!
  • You need to have access to same power ratings the Oddsmakers have that set the lines – to know which lines have value!
  • We comb the boards daily & Spend hundreds of hours researching & gathering vital data!
  • It’s really an Information Highway when you join the FOOTBALL LOCK CLUB!


Check out these documented results from our Football program in 2016′
Football Lock Club won in 14 out of 17 weeks!
7 Straight to open the season Last year!
Won the NFL Lock TOTAL of the Month for October:
Saints – 49ers OVER 52.5 41-23
WON the NFL Playoff Lock of the Year:
Pittsburgh-KC UNDER 44 18-16
WON the 2016 College Football Conference Mismatch of the Year:
Colorado -6 over Wash St 38-24
WON the Bowl Lock of the Year:
Arkansas St +4 vs UCF 31-13
Won the SNF Mega Play of the Month in Sept!
OVER 48 Pitt/KC 43-14
WON the NFL Lock of the Month for December:
Patriots -3 over Broncos 19-3
Won the MNF Bookie Blast Game of Year!
Falcons +2.5 over Saints 45-32
WON the 2016 Late Season Lock of the Year:
BYU +7.5 over Boise St 27-28
Won the AFC Early Season Game of the Year:
Broncos -3.5 over Bengals 29-17
WON the College Football Lock of the Month for November:
UNLV +28.5 over Boise St 25-42
Last season we opened up the year on fire winning in 7 Straight Weeks!
including going 39-15 for over +217 Net Units in that span.
WON the 2016 NFL Parlay Lock of the Year:
Saints-Buccaneers under 51.5 16-11 Giants +3.5 over Cowboys 10-7
NFL Lock of the Week selections went 13-4 Overall!
Won the 2016 College Football Underdog Lock of the Year:
Air Force +8.5 over Boise St 20-27
College Lock of Week & Month Selections a combined 17-5!