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Archived: Basketball Investment Package 59-28-1 Last 4 Weeks!

Feb 05, 2019 EST

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Our Basketball Picks have been the most profitable bet for serious players for years. Would you agree that results over a solid 2 year period are a large enough sample to know if someone is a winner or not?

We believe it is.

Our College & NBA record the last two years is a documented 66.8% with an average return of close to +359 Net Units each year.  To achieve those high percentages, we are very careful in the games we choose. We don’t just release games just for the sake of having action. We treat each clients betting portfolio seriously, whether you bet $50, $500 or more than $1000. Our goal is not to put you in action, it’s to make you MONEY!

Basketball Investment Package on 59-28-1 Winning Run!
loss  Loyola-Chi -7 over Miss St
WIN Manhattan +6.5
loss Rice +5.5 over FAU
WIN Ole Miss -8
WIN St Louis -8
WIN Iowa St +2.5 over Kan St
loss Ohio U +6 over C.Mich
WIN Columbia +8
loss Vandy +9 over Auburn
loss  Brown OVER 141
loss Hawks -8
WIN New Mexico OV 151
WIN Wizards +9.5 over Raptors
WIN Ga Tech +12.5 over Va Tech
Push St Johns -4 over Butler
loss UNLV -9 over Air Force
WIN Clippers OVER 233
WIN Port St OVER 140
WIN Wizards OVER 225
loss Indiana -2.5 over Illinois
loss Iowa -9 over NW
loss Stanford +5.5 over Oregon
WIN LSU +3.5 over Miss St
WIN Temple -3.5 over Uconn
WIN Texas A+M +9 over Ole Miss
loss Rhode Island +4 over Davidson
WIN Loy-Chic -7 over Drake
loss BC +24 over Duke
loss Mich St -10 over Illinois
WIN Louisville +4.5 over Va Tech
WIN Penn St +3.5 over NW
WIN ILL-Chic +4 over N. Kent
loss  Creighton -6 over Xavier
WIN Clemson -14.5 over W.Forest
WIN S. Hall +5 over Butler
loss  NC State -3 over Va Tech
WIN West Va +3 over Okla
WIN Columbia +5 over Upenn
WIN Portland U +8 over S.Clara
WIN NE -2.5 over Hofstra
WIN IUPUI +3 over N. Kentucky
WIN Iowa+5 over Michigan
WIN B. Green +8 over Buffalo
loss  St Bonnie +1.5 over Davidson
WIN Cornell +7 over  UPenn
loss S. Carolina +8.5 over Tenn
WIN NC State +7 over Virginia
loss East Mich +2.5 over W.Mich
WIN Baylor +5.5 over Okla
WIN Texas Tech -5 over TCU
loss  Notre Dame +15 over Duke
WIN Minnesota -1 over Iowa
loss Miami Fl +4 over Fla St
loss Temple +3.5 over Houston
WIN Texas A+M +4 over Kansas St
WIN Col St +5.5 over Fresno
loss Oregon St -3 over Wash
WIN Yale -7.5 over Brown
WIN Buffalo -8 over Kent St
Push Bulls +5 over Clippers
WIN Towson St +9.5 over NE
WIN ILL-Chic -5.5 over Detroit U
loss  NC State +4.5 over Louisville
WIN Arkansas -6.5 over Missouri
WIN Duquesne +1.5 over St Louis
loss  Okla St +2.5 over Oklahoma
WIN Ga Tech +2 over Notre Dame
WIN Clemson – Fla St OVER 144
loss Clippers-Mavs OVER 224
WIN Florida St -6 over Clemson
loss Kings-Nets OVER 231
WIN Heat-Celtics UNDER 213.5
WIN Mich St -9 over Maryland
WIN Iowa -9 over Illinois
WIN Spurs-Clippers Under 222
WIN Pacific +5.5 over San Fran
WIN Clemson -8 over Ga Tech
WIN Kans St +5.5 over Okla
loss La Salle -6.5 over G. Wash
WIN Fordham +7 over St Louis 
loss TCU -6 over West Virginia
WIN Baylor +3 over Okla St
WIN Syracuse +17.5 over Duke
WIN – Oregon St -4 over Ucla
WIN – S.Carolina -4 over Missouri
loss – USC +4 over Oregon
WIN – UL Laf +5.5 over UL Mon
WIN – Coll of Charl -11 over Delaware
WIN – Utah U -11.5 over Wash St
WIN – Gonzaga -9 over San Fran U

97-47-2 College Basketball!
31-19-1 NBA Basketball!
128-66-4 Combined for +354 Units!

We don’t claim we win every day, but no one comes close to our overall results in College and NBA Basketball – having won in 19 of the previous 25 weeks dating back to last season.  $250 players have won close to $61,200 during this Winning Run with our Basketball Picks.

The key to winning in basketball right now is going deeper than what you can find on the internet or some free picks blog.

Don’t be fooled by the public info. Our experts have the knowledge and resources to get us a sweep and blast the books.


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