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NFL Power Rankings

Nov 16, 2022 EST

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NFL Power Rankings: Week 11

1. Kansas City Chiefs
Last week: 3

It seemed like the Chiefs alternated between caring to win the game and just going through the motions against Jacksonville. Luckily they still have Patrick Mahomes to carry them through as he hit the 25-touchdown mark in style for the fifth time in five full seasons.

2. Philadelphia Eagles
Last week: 1

Everybody is going to be talking about Brandon Graham ending the game with that late hit but the reason the Eagles are no longer undefeated comes down to turnovers. They had three all season and four against Washington alone.

3. Minnesota Vikings
Last week: 4

Kirk Cousins gets the debate show chatter but perhaps that’s because there’s not much of a debate that Justin Jefferson is one of, if not the, best receivers around. Such miracle wins against the Bills continue to underscore that this is a team everybody should be taking very seriously out of the NFC.

4. Miami Dolphins
Last week: 7

The Dolphins still haven’t lost when Tua Tagovailoa starts and plays a full game, with the young QB posting his third consecutive game with a passer rating higher than 135. When he’s on and those speedy receivers are blowing past DBs, there might not be a better team than this one.

5. Buffalo Bills
Last week: 2

One snap away. All the Bills had to do was get a single snap off. Instead, we’re left with plenty of questions about blowing a big lead and Josh Allen’s penchant for turning the ball over in the red zone. Imagine being Stefon Diggs and seeing an incredible one-handed catch lost to the history books.

6. Baltimore Ravens
Last week: 8

The schedule sets up nicely for the Ravens to really go on a run and, with the way Buffalo and Kansas City have dropped winnable games, perhaps contending for that top seed coming out of the bye isn’t too far-fetched.

7. Dallas Cowboys
Last week: 5

Mike McCarthy probably wanted one win above all others this season and didn’t get it with that fourth-quarter collapse in Lambeau. It remains baffling sometimes how the Cowboys get away from the successful game plan of running the ball and not letting Dak Prescott do too much.

8. San Francisco 49ers
Last week: 10

Jimmy G. wasn’t anything to write home about but the 49ers still clamped down on the Chargers and won another against a Los Angeles side. Perhaps things would have been even more comfortable on the scoreboard had Dre Greenlaw not gotten ejected.

9. Seattle Seahawks
Last week: 6

The win streak is over but the International Series has produced plenty of strange results over the years so probably no alarm bells are being sounded in Seattle just yet. Still, Pete Carroll knows the group needs to take advantage of the soft schedule coming out of the bye before things ramp up in mid-December.

10. New York Giants
Last week: 9

It never really felt like the Giants were going to lose to the Texans but it probably would have been much easier on fans watching in blue if they took care of business better in the fourth quarter (a change from what they’ve typically done late this year). Still, Saquon Barkley remains one of the top candidates for comeback player of the year and added a few more highlights to the reel with that outing vs. Houston.

11. New England Patriots
Last week: 11

What might Bill Belichick have in store coming out of the bye against three critical measuring sticks from now until December? Either way, it feels like a real season-defining run against the Jets, Vikings (on Thanksgiving night), and Bills that should go a long way in figuring out just how we’ll view the Pats in 2022.

12. New York Jets
Last week: 12

Who had the Jets as the top New York team in the AFC East at this point in the season? The answer is nobody. Nobody did.

13. Cincinnati Bengals
Last week: 15

What version of Cincy will we see coming out of the break, the one that trounced the Panthers or the one that fell flat against the Browns? The next few are winnable going into that AFC title game rematch against Kansas City if it’s the former.

14. Washington Commanders
Last week: 18

Riverboat Ron’s trip up to Philly underscored just how tough the NFC East is this season (and likely got the head coach a case or two of the good stuff from the ’72 Dolphins in the process). One thing is certain: this is Taylor Heinicke’s team and he’s not letting go of it anytime soon.

15. Tennessee Titans
Last week: 14

You would think Ryan Tannehill’s return would mean a little more balance to the offense but that lack of productivity out of Derrick Henry for the past six quarters might be a bit concerning. Either way, grinding out another win keeps Tennessee on track heading into Thursday night at Lambeau.

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Last week: 16

Nothing like a little Brady in Bavaria magic, eh? The ageless wonder remains perfect in his four overseas starts and shutting down the high-powered Seahawks offense may have kick-started Todd Bowles’ underperforming defense too.

17. Los Angeles Chargers
Last week: 13

As much as a few other AFC West coaches have felt the hot seat, it seems like that’s overshadowed how inexplicable it is that Brandon Staley has this team sitting at 5-4 with all that talent on the roster. It felt like things were going to be different after that opening touchdown against the 49ers but alas, the same old story led to a second loss in three games.

18. Green Bay Packers
Last week: 22

A season-saving result against Dallas? Seemed like it. Outside of the end result, Aaron Rodgers starting to click with Christian Watson may be just as big to the team’s future as the addition in the win column.

19. Atlanta Falcons
Last week: 17

Arthur Smith kept looking up at the video board in disbelief about a dozen times on Thursday. Given the ample opportunity there was to take hold of the division with a win, he probably still is.

20. Arizona CardinalsLast week: 25

Nobody tuned in to see Colt McCoy outduel the Rams’ backups but it was a meaningful result for the Cardinals. Maybe more meaningful for an offense that never can seem to be all on the same page is that brutal, season-ending knee injury for TE Zack Ertz.

21. Detroit Lions
Last week: 27

Dan Campbell keeps preaching GRIT and it may have paid off in that wild fourth-quarter comeback against the Bears. The franchise doesn’t have too many of those kinds of wins, that’s for sure.

22. Chicago Bears
Last week: 19

It’s clear that Justin Fields doesn’t have a team full of talent but he’s still making it work. That was a brutal loss to the Lions but it may be one that pays off long-term for the franchise given the evolution of their quarterback.

23. Carolina Panthers
Last week: 28

The quarterback carousel spins again for the team but perhaps the inspired play under interim Steve Wilks is enough to at least earn him a shot at another full-time gig elsewhere after remaining in the hunt in the NFC South.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars
Last week: 24

Falling to the Chiefs might have been the most predictable of their past six losses. Well, perhaps until after the bye against Baltimore.

25. Los Angeles Rams
Last week: 20

This team isn’t just bad, it’s bordering on bad enough to be the worst defending Super Bowl champion ever. That’s what’s in play and a good reason why you start to understand why Sean McVay considered broadcasting so heavily before returning to the sidelines.

26. Pittsburgh Steelers
Last week: 29

T.J. Watt’s return really seemed to fire up the Steelers while the added time to prepare might have proven beneficial for Kenny Pickett. Maybe just a flash in the pan but signs of optimism are welcome in any form.

27. Indianapolis Colts
Last week: 31

Too soon for the Jeff Saturday coach of the year campaign? Jokes about the coaching situation aside, the fact that Matt Ryan wasn’t starting before Saturday took over remains puzzling and is likely to drive a seething Frank Reich up the wall for all the craziness that’s gone on in Indy the past few weeks.

28. Denver Broncos
Last week: 23

If the Broncos lose next week, could that be enough for ownership to pull the trigger on a coach they didn’t hire? That’s just a sign of how things simply have not worked out in Denver.

29. Cleveland Browns
Last week: 26

A blowout loss combined with Deshaun Watson’s return to the practice field should make for an even more combustible situation around Cleveland.

30. New Orleans Saints
Last week: 21

When the Saints made moves to push their chips in on the table with this team, everybody around the league was puzzled. Sometimes such a consensus gets proven wrong but in the case of New Orleans, it was even more spot-on than anybody realized.

31. Las Vegas Raiders
Last week: 30

Josh McDaniels has apparently been reassured by ownership that he’s coming back next year, which isn’t exactly how he thought things would be going at this point into his second stint in charge of a team. Of course, he probably didn’t envision blowing a huge lead one week and then following it up by losing to a literal coach off the street in the next.

32. Houston Texans
Last week: 32

Normally the NFL takes up all the oxygen in the room when being discussed across various media platforms but the Texans are so blah that they might not even make a credit sequence of a talk show at this point.


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