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Archived: Football Lock Club CASHING BIG!

Nov 19, 2018 EST

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The FOOTBALL LOCK CLUB is hotter than ever cashing in big the past 8 straight weeks for a whopping +2840 net units. This past weekend was absolutely amazing again 5-0 as the Football Lock Club scored huge on Sunday (4-0) in the NFL. Plus December was highlighted by a Super Saturday that went 10-1 Overall on Championship Picks.

If you still have not joined you have plenty of time left in the season to make money! The Entire month of December and January plus our 28th Annual College Bowl – NFL Playoff Package!

Don’t miss the next 60 Days of Profit including our College Bowl Package, NFL Playoffs & Super Bowl!

Bears +3 over Rams WON
Bears-Rams UNDER 51 WON
Eagles-Cowboys OVER 45 WON
49ers +3 over Broncos WON
Navy +7.5 over Army WON
Eagles -4.5 over Redskins WON
Jaguars-Titans UNDER 37.5 loss
Steelers-Chargers OVER 53 WON
Seattle -10 over 49ers
Bengals +4 over Broncos loss
Ravens-Falcons UNDER 47 WON
Titans-Jets OVER 40.5 WON
Oklahoma -9 over Texas WON
UCF -3 over Memphis WON
UAB +2 over M.Tenn St WON
Clemson -27.5 over Pittsburgh WON
Ohio St -15 over NW WON
Fresno St +1.5 over Boise St WON
UL Lafayette +17 over App St WON
Boise St UNDER 52.5 WON
Georgia +13 over Alabama WON
Georgia UNDER 64 WON
Cal +3 over Stanford loss
Cowboys +7 over Saints WON
Cowboys-Saints Under 51.5 WON
Texans -3.5 Titans WON
Texans-Titans OVER 42.5 WON
Ravens -12.5 over Raiders WON
Seahawks +3 over Panthers WON
Broncos +3 over Steelers WON
Bills-Jags OVER 37 WON
Eagles-Giants OVER 49 loss
Colts -8.5 over Dolphins loss
Vikings -3 over Packers WON
Rams -3 over Chiefs Tie
Redskins +3 over Texans WON
Cowboys +3.5 over Falcons WON
Broncos +7.5 over Chargers WON
Giants -2.5 over Bucs WON
Vikings +2.5 over Bears loss
Cardinals -4.5 over Raiders loss
Vikings-Bears OVER 43.5 WON

Super Saturday Lock Club Wins Big!
UCF -7 over Cincinnati WON
Arizona +10.5 over Wash St loss
Arizona-Wash St OV 63 WON
Vandy -3 over Ole Miss WON
Okla St +6 over West Va WON
UCLA +3 over USC WON
BYU -25.5 over N.Mex St  WON

Big game winners include:
2018 Underdog Lock of the Year
Seahawks +10 vs Rams WON

Sunday SCORE $
Packers -10 over Dolphins WON
Packers-Dolphins OVER 48 loss
Bears -7 over Lions WON
Seahawks-Rams OVER 51 WON
Colts -3 over Jaguars Tie
Cowboys-Eagles OVER 45 WON

College Football Sat. Lock Club
Texas A+M -13 vs Ole Miss WON
B.Green +7.5 vs Cent Michigan WON
Utah -4.5 over Oregon WON
Cal +4.5 over USC WON
Tulane-East Carolina OVER 53 lost

Friday Night Prime Time 2-Team Parlay
Syracuse -20 vs Louisville WON
Boise St +2.5 over Fresno St WON

TNF Smash Pick of the Month
Steelers -3 over Panthers WON
Steelers/Panthers OVER 51 WON

Tuesday MAC Lock’s of the Month
Miami, OH +5.5 over Ohio WON
N.Illinois -3.5 over Toledo WON

MNF Bookie Crusher Game of the Month
Cowboys -5.5 over Titans lost

Saints +2 over Rams WON
Texans-Broncos UNDER 46.5 WON
Falcons +2 over Redskins WON
Vikings -4.5 over Lions WON
Bears-Bills OVER 38 WON

The Football Lock Club is Currently 81-36-2 Overall!

$100 Per Unit Bettors are +74,540 This Season!

NFL Lock’s of the Week an Amazing 11-3!

College Lock’s of the Week 11-3!

Last 5 Weeks An Amazing +2498 Net Units!

What could you possibly be waiting for?
Don’t miss the next 60 Days of Profit through the Super Bowl!


30 Day Football Lock Club

Rest of the Season including College Bowls/NFL Playoffs!


For More Information Call 1-800-618-5463 or click here!

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    - 14 out of 18 Winning Weeks
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