Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do I make a purchase?

To buy our winning picks online, you simply need to click on the link of the package you would like to purchase. Once you purchase the package of your choice we will email or text you the picks.   Just let us know which way you would like your selections by emailing us at  Or just call our main office to confirm at 1-800-618-5463. You will than be able to receive selections via text or email.   You may pay via all major credit cards or paypal. You can also email us for options on paying for longer term packages with Western Union, Money Order, and Cashier's Check.

2. When do your plays come up?

Winning Picks are posted Mon-Fri after 4pmET and on the weekends after 10amET for our Investment Package and daily pick packages. Other special packages such as our exclusive Lock Club may be posted up to one hour before game time. Check with your representative at 1-800-618-5463 if you need help with viewing winning picks or if you would like a customized email or text program for your winning pick with ratings.

3. Is using my credit card through OTL SPORTS safe?

It's very safe. Your credit card information is never seen by anyone in our company. It is processed securely through a merchant terminal and the credit card information is never seen by anyone at OTLSPORTS - only the credit card processor (Clickbank).

4. Can I get a free trial of your plays?

You can receive free plays at our site on our Free Picks Page or via text which has consistently hit over 63% lifetime. They are 100% Documented each and every day. You can view those plays once you have registered at our site. The free pick is a lower unit member play that we release to the public but can give you a good indication of how our Investment Package member picks will perform. Click here for Today's Free Pick.

5. Do you bet on your own plays?

100%! If it's not strong enough for an OTL representative to put their own money on, then we simply do not release it. It's just that simple. We are just like you. We are looking to make money in the sports market. We know, that with our network of Insider's, we have a great chance of making money betting sports. That is why we are still in business after 26 years, while most services just come and go each year.

6. Do you provide units with your plays?

Our unit system goes from 1-5 units with 4* and 5* plays being extremely strong for our investment package members. Our Exclusive Lock Club releases our rated from 6-15* units and Game of the Year selections rates 20* in strength. 

7. How do I get your free picks?

The Free Picks can be texted or emailed to you.

8. How many plays do you put out per day?

We normally release anywhere from 2-3 top-rated Investment package plays per day, depending on how many games look favorable. The Lock Club normally will have less plays - but stronger Plays!

9. I signed up today and your highest rated play already started. Can I get tomorrow's card for FREE?

Yes. If any plays on the board have already started then we will credit your account for the next day picks for FREE. You must text us or call customer service at 1-800-618-5463 to receive your credit.

10. What line do you give out with your picks?

We check out a variety of offshore and Las Vegas books for the best available lines. The line we post with our picks is the current line at the time we post the game. We strongly encourage our members to search for the best lines possible, as 1 or 2 points could cost you over the course of a season.

11. What sports do you handicap the best?

We handicap all sports and we will put our picks up against any other service in the country. We produce profits in all sports that we acquire information on.  And obviously we've been doing something right being in business for close to three decades now!

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