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Basketball Lock Club on an Amazing 39-13-3 Winning Run!

Feb 13, 2019 EST

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To All Sports Investors,

Listen Guys, we can’t stress to you enough how strong our basketball information has been All year. Many of you still don’t believe the record b/c you’re so used to losing and getting emails/text/calls etc. from other services who never win. All we can say is “Give it a shot”.

We’ve been Winning & Collecting for clients each Week!

Basketball LOCK CLUB
WON East Mich +3.5 over Toledo
WON Fla St/Clemson OVER 131
loss  R. Island +8.5 over VCU
TCU-Okla St UN 138
WON Kansas St – West Va UN 131
loss Va Tech +5.5 over Virginia
Colorado -5 over Arizona
WON St John’s +4 over Villanova
WON East Car +6 over Tulsa
WON St Bon -4 over G. Mason
WON Rutgers +4 over Iowa
loss  Dayton -2 over VCU
WON Clemson +4.5 over Louisville
WON S.Carolina -4 over Tex A+M
push Pittsburgh +6 over Va Tech
loss Maryland +7.5 over Michigan
WON Marist +3 over Quinnipiac
WON Columbia +8 over Yale
WON Dartmouth +8 over Upenn
loss  Princeton -2 over Harvard
Push St Mary’s Ca -11
WON Cal River +7 over UCSB
loss Tulane OVER 146
Ga Tech +12.5 ov Va Tech
WON UCF -7 over S.Florida
WON St Louis -5 over GW
WON New Mexico OV 151
WON Xavier UN 145
loss Okla St +6 over T Tech
WON Jazz +9 over Warriors
Push St Johns -4 over Butler
loss Purdue +2.5 over MD
WON Missouri OVER 138.5
Kansas +2.5 over TCU
WON Wizards OVER 224.5
loss  Nuggets OVER 214
loss  Ga Tech +5.5 over N.Dame
Arizona St -2 over Wash
WON Wyoming +6.5 over Col St
WON East Mich -3 over N.Ill
WON Rice +1.5 over Marshall
WON Orlando +7 over Bucks
loss St Bonnie +2 over VCU
WON Ark L. Rock +4 over Troy
LSU +3.5 over Miss St
WON Ind St -4.5 over Evansville
WON Wyoming +9 over A. Force
loss Providence -5 over G’Town
WON Utah U +6 over USC
WON Loyola-Chi -7 over Drake
WON Ball St +2.5 over N.Illinois
WON Auburn -8 over Florida
loss Idaho +4.5 over S.Utah
WON Penn St +3 over NW
WON Loui +4.5 over Va Tech

No matter how well (or poor) your season is going, it probably should be better, right?

And if you can admit that fact, there’s no better time to take control of your season, starting with this week!

Tonight tips off another high percentage opportunity as we’re releasing more valuable College & NBA winning information including our NBA Game of the Month! The Strongest NBA Selection we have seen in over 30 Days.

No, our 39-13-3 record is not a typo…
Neither is our 6 Week Winning Streak!

So “Give it a shot”:

Basketball Lock Club!

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Thousands of people just like you are already benefiting from the Lock Club. Now it’s your turn. You can’t go wrong.

To More Winning,

Drew Frank

P.S. We have been Winning Huge this year in Basketball. Take Advantage of the Strongest Information in Sports Wagering Today! No One Else can even come close to matching our Winning Results.



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