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Basketball Investment Package

Feb 10, 2020 EST

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Basketball is all about information.

Our contacts and sources cover it all. Coast to Coast. From Cal Poly Slo on the West Coast to Oklahoma St in the center of the country – to Seton Hall on the East Coast. We’ve got over 500 faxes coming in per day and vital information gathered by the Best Basketball sources in the Nation. Even our own clients have ears and eyes out for information.

Start Cashing in with us!

This Season our Basketball Investment Package will Include Games of the Week, Month and Year. Top of the Line information because the Investment Package is designed to give Top Level information to all players.

Our 10-unit plays grade out with an 80% chance to win, 20-unit plays (WHICH we FIND 4-5 TIMES A MONTH) grade out at the 85% or higher level. We cover NBA and COLLEGE BASKETBALL!

Member can expect to receive our strongest 2-3 selections, every game day. But patience is really what differentiates us from others. If you want to be successful throughout the season and turn a Profit you can’t expect to bet 6-7 per day and win.

You can join our Basketball Investment Package for just $599 for the full NBA and College season – includes all post season games, College Tournaments, March Madness, through the NBA Playoffs.

Basketball Investment Package members also receive Free Membership in our Exclusive Lock Club (a $1500 value) for the first month. This way we can build your bankroll even more in the first 30 Days. That’s an additional game each day – rated 10-25 units!


Season Investment Package only $595
30 Day Investment Package only $299
7 Day Investment Package only $99

Or Call Toll Free 1-800-618-5463


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  • OTL Winning Highlights!

    * Basketball Lock Club on Huge 28-8 Winning Run!
    * $500 Bettors made nearly +$13,765 Last 2 Wks!
    * NHL 39-20-1 Winning Run!
    * Horse Racing Turf Club on Fire +405 Units Last 45 Days!

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