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The Nation’s #1 Documented Sports Investment Firm Since 1992!

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Basketball Investment Package

May 17, 2021 EST

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World Class INFORMATION: Over 250 years of combined skill, knowledge and expertise from a vast network of champion handicappers, computer gurus and formidable people in the KNOW makes OTL one of the most top sports advisors in the industry.

Information Specialists: With over 30 years behind our belt we have funded the largest sports betting information network in existence today. On Top of the Line Sports is constantly making deals and acquisitions to acquire the best proprietary and game-changing information available.

Data Scientists: Using detailed algorithms and constantly crunching complex data, our team is actually able to find the hidden line mistakes that even the best sportsbook director has overlooked. Giving us a HUGE WINNING EDGE!

Oddsmakers: We gain extremely valuable information not available to the general public EVER! Credible linesmakers, ex-oddsmakers & current sportsbook directors worldwide gives us an advantage no one could possible attain.

Money Management Specialists: Constantly evaluating season, monthly and weekly ROI in relation with goals, our team can advise clients on a custom and 1-on-1 basis, the best plan of attack to achieve profit targets.

Complete money-management system on all picks released.

You Can always win for the Week with a 7 Day Plan (Only $99).

3 easy ways to Win & receive your selections:

  1. Speak with an account rep. Same name & Number for 30 Years!
  2. Via Text Message Daily!
  3. Via Email!
  4. Members can receive it ALL 3 Ways if necessary!

For more information call toll-free 1-800-618-5463 or text “Info” to 561-962-5350.


When choosing a sports consulting firm, would you base your preference on somebody who handicaps games by looking at old stats and trends or one that can look into the future by knowing the present?

If handicapping games with stats and trends were that easy, Las Vegas would go broke. But it’s not that easy. US-based and offshore sportsbooks make billions a year off bettors who lose from season to season. To ensure our clients not only win but stay with us year after year, On Top of the Line Sports out-works and out-smarts every firm in the business to provide you with the finest information possible to win and profit.

Our Basketball Investment Package s a great example of a program that has survived for over two decades, winning between 61%-68% of the games released in all sports.

Whatever level of player you are, the Basketball Investment Package is a great program that will suit your needs as a player. You’ll receive 2-4 selections each night, depending on the sport. We offer the INVESTMENT PACKAGE in all sports including football (college and pro included), basketball (college and pro included), NHL, Baseball and even Horse Racing.

Each selection is unit-rated under our money management system, with games rated from 10 units through the strongest play (50 units). The Investment Package also comes with a guarantee for those who join the Full-Season Program: If you do not show a profit by the end of the season with the selections and unit-ratings received, the cost of the program will be funded to you in full.

Selections are available through a toll free number (1-800-618-5463), via email, text or all 3 Ways if you need.

For additional details, to ask any questions you may have, or to enroll, please call 1-800-618-5463 or text “INFO” to 561-962-5350.

* Special NBA Playoff Package – only $199
* 7 Day Basketball Investment Package – Buy only $99.

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