Actual Client Testimonials

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June 24, 2015
"I have been with many services over the years and i have never found anyone, ANYONE, so consistent in winning like you guys.  Keep it up.  Thanks Again!
- Joe Dimarta, Brooklyn, NY

January 15, 2014
"The OTL LOCK CLUB is a success. I made over $23,200 this past season with OTL.  I want to thank my Rep John for a great season.  I would recommend all sports bettors to join your club.  Over time you guys do make players money".
- Sandra P. Minneapolis, MN

October, 2011

"I have followed your free pick for a while now and was very impressed.  I started with you guys back in 2006 and have had great success.  You are definitely the real deal and whatever people post on the web about guys the bottomline is that they are really missing out on Real info.  I would highly recommend you to other players. Thanks
- Jimmy Nguyen, Santa Clara, CA

October 6, 2011
It really is a pleasure working with you guys.  I have been impressed since Day 1.  Keep up the good work and the winners.  Thanks Again.
- Bob J. Tampa, FL

May 2, 2010
"Your organization is top-notch.  More Winners from 1 service than I have ever seen from all the services I have ever dealt with in years.  Keep up the great work. I will definitely be checking out your Football Package coming up in August.
- Neal R, Minneapolis, MN

October 6, 2009

OTL, I would like to thank you for speaking to me on the phone. Your picks were fantastic, you did exactly what you said you would do for me. Thanks again for your support and winning information.
- Ben K. Cocoa Beach, FL

September 17, 2009
I have known Drew Frank for some time now ... in fact when I met the owner of On Top of the Line Sports back in 1993 at Pete Rose's Ballpark Cafe in Boca Raton and had a few drinks and watched the games with him and his associates, I knew I was dealing with an honest group of people... not only is he the best in the business as far as I am concerned, but he continually shows he cares about his clients and their families as wel.   It's more than just the winning information that On Top of the Line Sports receivers, it's about the relationship's that develops between the two parties.  And for over 16 years now I have built 100% trust in this company.   Not too many sports services can do what On Top of the Line Sports can do.  And there is a reason they have been in business as long as they have.  I am very fortunate to be able to work with him and everyone associated with OTL. 
- Steve W - Miami, FL.

August 17, 2002
"My Dad and I purchased your 2002 Breeders Cup package and followed the selections of Nick Thomas and Anthony Kelly that day at Arlington Park. Well, we started with small bets and as the day went on we raised the stakes. OTL's Dynamic Duo's 15 for 24 day put $6,700 in our pocket. Can't wait until the Triple Crown races!"  - Andy L, Chicago

August 17, 2005
"I was very impressed with the company's ability to pick winners each week. It amazed me how the other handicappers were picking the other sides and OTL would have the right side 75% of the time. I also like the fact that the Lock Club only had a limited amount of plays. I would definitely suggest the 800 service Lock Club to the bigger, more serious players." - Andrew B, Baltimore, MD

March 7, 2005
"I'll back your organization for every sport, not just football. You guys are tremendous and have been each year I've been with you." I'm up over $143,000 in baseball as we speak: thanks to the The OTL Private Club. There really is an information service that can beat the odds!  - Joe L, Sacramento, CA

August 17, 2006
"OTL's 800 late telephone service was amazing again last year. Another winning season! I'll be back for my third season. Thanks again guys."
- James K, Orlando, FL

August 1, 2007
"OTL is by far the best in Basketball. I've tried others and your Basketball information blows away the rest. I don't know how you guys do it or where you get your information, but it's excellent. I had a great year and hope to have another next year. Thanks again! Oh, by the way, I would highly recommend The OTL Private Club to any serious investor!"  - Steve B, Athens, GA

September 19, 1998
"By far the best staff to work with! My thanks to my account rep Tim Stone for being courteous and patient with me. Keep up the excellent work. It was a very profitable and fun season."  - Dick A, St Louis, MO

December 24, 1999
"You guys were right on the money again this weekend. It is a pleasure to know that when I call my man, I know that I am going to beat him. Keep it up! I have made over $12,400 in just 6 weeks with your selections. I can't wait for your Basketball Program."  - Jerry G, Seattle, WA

May 24, 1995
"Want to thank everyone at OTL Sports for their professionalism and courtesy. Out of everyone I have dealt with OTL is the only service that stands behind what they say. No pressure, no asking for extra money, and everyday consistent information that always kept me on top. I would recommend your 800 service to anyone who is serious about sports wagering. You guys are stand up guys!" P.S. John, Keep up the good work."
- Jim F, Far Rockaway, NY

May 29, 1995
"Great season guys. Last week you were right on the money with Detroit +8- over Green Bay. Nice Job"
-Tony D, Detroit, MI

October 24, 1997
"Your website is fantastic. I have never seen such a comprehensive sports information website like your before. Plus your tips, views and newsletter are always great to read." - Mel S, San Francisco, CA

October 24, 2000
"I've bet on football for years, but bought OTL's postseason baseball package when my Angels clinched a wildcard berth. Well, a month later I celebrated by cashing a winner's check from my offshore account for 11K and a bottle of Dom Perignon.  - Rick P, Huntington Beach, CA

"I'm a FULL SEASON Investment Package member. In early Nov. my OTL rep called ME about the Cincinnati vs. Louisville game ... I hard no intention of betting the game, but he told me that Cincinnati getting 9 points was a gift and that the line was way off ... So I played the game small ($500) ... I wasn't shocked they covered, but was floored when the Bearcats won 24-14!

- Jim W, Plainview, NY

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